Javad Azimi


Senior Appiled Researcher at Microsoft

Email: jaazimi at
Office Phone: 650-693-3428

Moffet Tower, Sunnyvale, CA
United States, 94085

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I got my Ph.D. on Sep 2012 under the supervision of Dr. Xiaoli Fern. I was also working closely with Dr. Alan Fern during my Ph.D program. Currently, I am working as an Applied Researcher in Microsoft.

In media: Here is an story about my research at OSU.


  • March 11th 2013: I joined the science group of Bing Ads at Microsoft.

  • September 1st 2012: I am serving as a PC member of AAAI 2013 and SDM 2013.

  • August 12th 2012: We are organizing a workshob on Bayesian Optimziation and Decision Making at NIPS 2012. Here is a link to workshop page.

  • August 16th 2012: My new Home Page is up. This page would be redirected to my new webpage very soon.

  • July 17th 2012: The CIKM paper got accpeted. 3 papers and one patent as the result of my summer internship at Yahoo!

  • May 7th 2012: I have uploaded the Gaussian Process regression implementation in Matlab. Please see my Research page for the download link.

  • May 4th 2012: Our submitted paper to KDD 2012 just got accpeted.

  • April 30th 2012: Both submitted papers to ICML 2012 got accepted.

  • April 26th 2012: I am giving a talk in AI seminar about Bayesian Optimization.

  • April 23rd 2012: I successfully passed my Ph.D. Prelim exam. You can find my prelim document here and my presentation slides here.






Selected Publications
  • Javad Azimi, Xiaoli Fern, Alan Fern, “Budgeted Optimization with Constrained Experiments”, in JAIR 2016.

  • Javad Azimi, Adnan Alam, Ruofei Zhang, “Ads Keyword Rewriting Using Search Engine Results””, in WWW 2015.

  • Javad Azimi, Ali Jalali, Xiaoli Fern, “Hybrid Batch Bayesian Optimization”, in ICML 2012. [.pdf]

  • Javad Azimi, Bruce Zhang, Yang  Zhou, Vidhya Navalpakkam, Jianchang Mao, Xiaoli Fern, “The Impact of Visual Appearance on User Response in Online Display Advertising”, in WWW 2012. [.pdf][longer version][poster]

  • Javad Azimi, Alan Fern, Xiaoli Fern, “Budgeted Optimization with Concurrent Stochastic-Duration Experiments”, in NIPS 2011 (Spotlight). [.pdf (long version)][poster][slides]

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Professional Experience
  • InsightsOne Inc.
    2953 Bunker Hill Lane, Suite 400, Santa Clara, California 95054
    Job Descriptin: I was working as a data scientist in the science group. The job was about developing algorithms to learn from big data in different applications such as online advertising, finance and health.
  • Yahoo! Labs.
    4401, Great America, Santa Clara, CA, US
    Job Descriptin: I was working as a research scientist at Advertisement Science Labs. The project was about evaluating the creative visual features in performance display advertising. In general, the question was weather or not we are able to predict the click through rate of an image advertisement based on its beauty. (more information about this project)
    6024, John Road, Lake Oswego, Portland, US
    Job Descriptin: I was working as a research scientist at Test System Lab. My research was about statistical unsupervised anomaly detection in large scale data set. In general, we had the results of almost 2000 different tests in more than 30000 devices. Unfortunately, a few devices passed all tests successfully while they were not perfectly functional. The goal was finding those devices by analyzing their test results. (more information about this project)
  • Farjen Pouyesh Co.
    Vali Asr Street, Tehran, Iran
    Job Descriptin: I was a software engineer working on developing data base systems using Visual C++ and Visual Basic.

Data Scientist
Septemeber 2012-March 2013


Summer Intern
June 2011-Septemeber 2011



Summer Intern
June 2008-Septemeber 2008




Software Engineer
Fall 2005-Septemeber 2007

Professional Skills
  • Proficient in: C, C++, C#, Python, MATLAB

  • Familiar with: Perl, Java, R, Hadoop, PHP and JavaScript
Teaching Experiences
  • Teaching Assistant
    • C, C++, Java, Artificial Intelligence, Theory of Computation

  • Instructor
    • C++, Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics

Oregon State University

Azad University of Garmsar

Awards and Honors
  • Ph.D. excellent candidate at Iran University of Science and Technology (2007)
  • Ranked 1st among AI graduate students entered in 2004 in M. Sc. program (GPA 18.31/20) at Iran University of Science and Technology
  • I enjoy listening traditional Iranian music, closing the eyes and trying to understand the romantic conversation among musical instruments. A few links to some of them [#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, ...] (and yes! I am a fan of
  • Writing is one of my favorite habits to fulfill my free time. I have been updating the weblog since 2007 where I mostly write literary notes including my random poems in Farsi.
  • Martial Arts was my favorite exercise for many years. I started it when I was 12 years old with Taekwondo. After a few years, I switched to Kickboxing. Kung Fu To'a was my last favorite martial art which I have done it only for 2 years.